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The best craft beer in town

September 21, 2017     By Andy in Beerland

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What is craft beer?

Drinking craft beer is a popular custom in almost every place in the world. All available types are basically made with four ingredients: hops, malt, water and yeast. The processing techniques and the quality ingredients employed for the manufacturing of this kind of beverage are responsible for its most important features.

A delicious drink that is produced by means of manual processes

The brewing of craft beer consists of a series of stages that vary according to the recipe and the brew master. However, there are basically six standard phases: malting, maceration, hopping, clarification of the wort and cooling, fermentation and finishing.

A good craft beer is made with a selection of the best malts, usually obtained from barley or wheat. The brew master also opts for high quality hop. This is a key ingredient that provides the beverage its characteristic bitterness and aroma.

It is worth to mention that hop is a very delicate ingredient that should be used fresh during the few months of its harvest. After such interval of time, it should be conditioned for a suitable preservation. Logically, with each manipulation this constituent loses its genuine organoleptic features with the consequent diminution of quality which in turn also decreases the value of the beverage.

In a craft beer, carbonation is entirely produced by means of a natural fermentation process. During the first stage yeasts transform the sugars into alcohol. Then the beverage is passed to a bottle or a barrel where it undergoes a second phase of transformation.

During the second stage of fermentation the product matures and acquires the main characteristics that will configure its personality. It is during such phase that carbon dioxide is naturally formed. Although it has no taste, it will definitely contribute to the final perception of the aromas and flavors of the drink.

A distinctive feature of craft beer is that it has not been filtered. Therefore it preserves its nutritional properties unlike industrial varieties. During the second fermentation there is yeast sediment in the bottle that has a high content of vitamin B.

An industrialized process in an effort to reduce fabrication times and costs tends to speed up fermentation by increasing the temperature or by adding sugars. This accelerated procedure generates unwanted by-products and higher alcohols.

In a good craft beer, alcohol is the result of a slow and progressive fermentation which prevents the creation of other compounds that are responsible for headaches. A well-crafted beverage does not produce a hangover.

High quality ingredients with an important nutritional content

The production of craft beer does not involve the use of chemical additives. Instead only natural and nutritive ingredients like barley are included on its composition. Such element is germinated and toasted by a process known as malting.

Barley is an extremely nutritious cereal with a high content of fiber which turns out to be an excellent alternative for those suffering from gluten intolerance. Among other things, it helps to prevent and treat constipation as it useful to regulate intestinal transit.

Craft beer made with barley is also an important source of amino acids such as lysine or glutamic acid which contribute to the construction of proteins. In this way it provides a valuable assistance on the maintenance of tissues.

November 12, 2018     By Andy in News

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Herbal Extracts

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August 25, 2017     By Andy in News

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Why craft beer is popular

Throughout its history, beer has been considered as a social drink with refreshing qualities and nutritious characteristics. However, the handcrafted varieties are the most popular because of their intensity of flavors and great diversity which makes them an essential part of any gourmet experience.

Features that make craft beer the favorite of many

Industrial varieties are produced on the basis of a basic recipe that involves the use of economically viable ingredients and processes. However, craft beer is prepared with high quality components. And it is made in such a way that it is tested and modified by a skilled brew master until it gets the right taste and smell.

Since craft beer has not been filtered, it contains nutritional properties that provide a wide range of benefits to the organism. Of course, it is possible to take advantage of such valuable contributions as long as the beverage is consumed moderately.

Craft beer is popular among many consumers because it is believed that it reduces the chance of having stones in the kidneys. The lack of liquids significantly increases the risk of developing such disease. However, since this beverage contains more than 90% water, it helps the body to prevent dehydration.

It is also believed that this drink provides the body a great amount of the soluble fiber required by it. Such element is characterized by increasing the peristaltic movements of the intestine and, therefore, also increases the frequency of bowel movements. In this way it helps to prevent constipation.

Another feature that makes this kind of beverages the favorite of many is that it helps to prevent the formation of blood clots. Their occurrence can partially or completely block the flow of blood through veins and arteries. Scientific studies developed by prestigious researchers have revealed that the intake of one or two craft beers a day can help to reduce the risk for this health issue.

On the other hand, a study conducted by Harvard with more than 60,000 volunteers has revealed that those that moderately drink craft beer are less likely to develop hypertension. Therefore, the risks of developing cardiovascular pathologies are considerably reduced. This kind of drink also contains important amounts of minerals like the bio-available silicon. This element is fundamental for the repair of osseous tissue. According to another research conducted in 2009, older people who have daily consumed this beverage have a higher bone density than those who did not.

Popular varieties of craft beer

Stout beers are a favorite among consumers of craft beverages. They are considered darker and heavier drinks, although their alcohol level is lower than other styles. Sometimes it is a little bit difficult to differentiate this brand from Porter. However, it has a characteristic flavor of roasted coffee that comes from the unmalted barley employed for its elaboration.

Wheat beers are considered one of the most refreshing styles that exist. They are associated with names like Hefeweizen and are characterized for their pale color with a certain level of turbidity. Such features are essentially due to the fact that this variety of beverage is not filtered. They have a very slight bitter taste with touch of sweetness.

June 18, 2017     By Chris in General

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Home brewing step-by-step

Beer is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are outstanding commercial brands. However, it is the essence of those handcrafted delicacies that we have been lucky enough to taste that never leaves our mind and palate. If you wish to enjoy that unique and unforgettable flavor again, you do not need to wait for the next regional festival. You just have to embrace the adventure of home brewing step-by-step with patience and perseverance. Your efforts will certainly be rewarded with amazing results.

Setting up all the essential items

Although home brewing might seem to be a complex procedure, you can easily become a humble beer producer capable of satisfying your own needs. First of all, you have to make sure that have all the necessary items for your endeavor. Essential ingredients include hop, yeast, water and barley.

You should use water without chlorine. To remove the unwanted component, you can boil the liquid in a pot for about 30 minutes. Then, leave the recipient uncovered until the chemical compound has completely evaporated.

Required materials include a thermometer, a blender, a balloon, a container with lid, a large pot, a long copper pipe, a camping refrigerator and 2 meters of hose. All of them should be properly disinfected to prevent the proliferation of any type of bacteria. You will also have to choose the right bottles to store the final product. Adequate flasks should be opaque and dark and must be designed to withstand pressure.

Proceeding to manufacture the craft beer

Your first goal is to convert the starch contained in grains into fermentable sugars. With that purpose in mind, malt the barley in a large pot. After grinding the grains, germinate them in a liquid environment without boiling. When this step is accomplished, you must mix the malted barley with hot water.

It will give place to the formation of some sort of porridge. This mixture should be kept in the fire for two hours at a temperature between 60 and 70 Celsius degrees. When that time is over and the liquid is extracted, all that will remain is the wort, a dense sweet substance that is essential for the process.

Then, the wort should then be boiled for an hour and a half. During this stage it is necessary to add the hop that is destined to provide the aroma and the bitter touch that characterize the beer. This procedure helps to sterilize the product preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

When the boiling process is complete, you will have to stir vigorously the preparation. This operation has the purpose of leaving the residues that may have remained in the bottom of the pot, always trying to obtain a clear and transparent beer.

Then you should leave the mixture to cool down. The aim is to ensure that the product reaches a temperature of 20 Celsius degrees as quickly as possible. To achieve this, pass the beer through a copper pipe, previously cooled with ice. Finally, add the yeast which has to be hydrated from the 24 hours prior to its incorporation.

Then, the mixture should pass to a container where the fermentation process will be fulfilled. After seven days, the beer must be ready to be bottled.