Craft Beers on The Farm
Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, One Beer At a Time

Craft Beer "On The Farm"

We miss Farmageddon. It was Mark, Eoin, John, Rose, Sue, Aaron and Andrew - 7 friends who shared a passion for martial arts, punk rock and good beer.

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It was in the latter stages of 2013, when the group decided to expand on their passion for home brewing and put their creativity to the test. The experimenting of different flavors and combinations commenced and the results were pretty good. A few batches of 'moonshine market research' and a LOT of sampling later and Farmageddon was born – a co-operatively owned craft brewery.

The name ‘Farmageddon’ came from late-night chats about what would be needed to survive the Zombie apocalypse? The answer seemed simple, brewing your own beer and raising animals for food were at the top of that list. New re-creationFor the Co-op members, home brewing is part of a mutual interest of growing fruit and vegetables, foraging, rearing pigs, sheep and chickens and a general love of self-sufficiency.

Part of the initial market research activity included making enough beer for Eoin and Rose’s wedding which took place in the shed that was to become the brewery, after the company that was going to make it a timeshare exited. It went down like a storm and not a drop was left, this cemented the plan to push forward and develop the beers.

The core range was made up of 4 excellent beers – and a limited-edition beer was released every 6-8 weeks to keep it interesting. Local malt and the finest and rarest hops from around the globe were used in each brew, combining modern and traditional techniques to create beer that were innovative and exciting.

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The Farmageddon beers contained no preservatives or fish by-products, making the range suitable for vegans. The belief system was craft beer, not chemical engineering, so the beer wass unpasteurized and unfiltered – maximizing and maintaining the flavors. Nothing went to waste at Farmageddon HQ, the spent grain from the beer-making process went to feed the rare breed pigs on-site and eventually the pigs fed the team!

It was a grand experiment, and they are truly missed.