Home brewing step-by-step

June 18, 2017     By Chris in General

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Beer is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are outstanding commercial brands. However, it is the essence of those handcrafted delicacies that we have been lucky enough to taste that never leaves our mind and palate. If you wish to enjoy that unique and unforgettable flavor again, you do not need to wait for the next regional festival. You just have to embrace the adventure of home brewing step-by-step with patience and perseverance. Your efforts will certainly be rewarded with amazing results.

Setting up all the essential items

Although home brewing might seem to be a complex procedure, you can easily become a humble beer producer capable of satisfying your own needs. First of all, you have to make sure that have all the necessary items for your endeavor. Essential ingredients include hop, yeast, water and barley.

You should use water without chlorine. To remove the unwanted component, you can boil the liquid in a pot for about 30 minutes. Then, leave the recipient uncovered until the chemical compound has completely evaporated.

Required materials include a thermometer, a blender, a balloon, a container with lid, a large pot, a long copper pipe, a camping refrigerator and 2 meters of hose. All of them should be properly disinfected to prevent the proliferation of any type of bacteria. You will also have to choose the right bottles to store the final product. Adequate flasks should be opaque and dark and must be designed to withstand pressure.

Proceeding to manufacture the craft beer

Your first goal is to convert the starch contained in grains into fermentable sugars. With that purpose in mind, malt the barley in a large pot. After grinding the grains, germinate them in a liquid environment without boiling. When this step is accomplished, you must mix the malted barley with hot water.

It will give place to the formation of some sort of porridge. This mixture should be kept in the fire for two hours at a temperature between 60 and 70 Celsius degrees. When that time is over and the liquid is extracted, all that will remain is the wort, a dense sweet substance that is essential for the process.

Then, the wort should then be boiled for an hour and a half. During this stage it is necessary to add the hop that is destined to provide the aroma and the bitter touch that characterize the beer. This procedure helps to sterilize the product preventing the proliferation of bacteria.

When the boiling process is complete, you will have to stir vigorously the preparation. This operation has the purpose of leaving the residues that may have remained in the bottom of the pot, always trying to obtain a clear and transparent beer.

Then you should leave the mixture to cool down. The aim is to ensure that the product reaches a temperature of 20 Celsius degrees as quickly as possible. To achieve this, pass the beer through a copper pipe, previously cooled with ice. Finally, add the yeast which has to be hydrated from the 24 hours prior to its incorporation.

Then, the mixture should pass to a container where the fermentation process will be fulfilled. After seven days, the beer must be ready to be bottled.